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קטיף שומר בשדה

We established Kaima Hukuk because we imagine a society...

  •  That embraces community, human diversity, mutual respect, and caring

  •  Where the driving force is honest dialogue and joint work

  •  Where collaborations are formed to positively impact others

  •  In harmony with the natural environment, adding more to the land than we take from it

  •  Where everyone feels they have a place and are valuable

Therefore we...

  •  Work as an intergenerational community within which everyone's opinion is valued equally

  • Grow healthy, fresh vegetables without pesticides for our customers and neighboring communities.

  •  Donate a portion of our crops to our needy neighbors.

  • Respect all living things, even the smallest ones, and rely on natural systems with minimal intervention.

  •  Place everyone's health and happiness above profit.

 Our hearts and fields are always open.  Come be a part of fulfilling the dream!

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