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Weighing fresh vegetables from the field

Our community

Hukuk is a veteran kibbutz that has always been socially committed and has absorbed dozens of children from around the country with great success.  In 2006, the 'ecological community seed' resided in Hukuk and established an alternative education system, a unique neighborhood, and dozens of businesses and initiatives.  One of these initiatives was "Sde Shefa", an natural growing vegetable farm that provided vegetables to the community.

At the end of 2015, a group of six educators from Hukuk came together, out of a desire to find a channel through which we can contribute to the community and society in the spirit of environmentalism and social involvement.  We came across the farm in Beit Zayit, fell in love with the Kaima farm format, and turned the private business "Sde Shefa" into a non-profit organization. Thus Kaima Hukuk was born.

Our farm continues to provide fresh and healthy vegetables to the local community in Hukuk, as well as to neighboring communities.

 The farm is an integral part of the fabric of community life: groups from the school work weekly in the field, kindergartens come to visit, volunteers join on a regular basis, and various community events are held on the farm.

The 'ecological  community seed' in Hukuk continues to create and develop. It offers tours to educators, permaculture, architecture, and landscape architecture, young leaders communities and more. Kaima farm is part of this fabric.

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