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מייסדי חוות קיימא חוקוק לצד הטרקטור
Welcome  :)

Kaima Hukuk is a non-profit organic farm that uses the tool of agricultural employment and the power of nature to reengage Israeli youth and young adults in search of alternative educational and social frameworks. No less important, the farm encourages responsible food consumption and environmental stewardship within the larger community.

Established in 2016 near the Sea of Galilee, Kaima Hukuk is the northernmost farm in the growing Kaima Educational Farming Network. The farm provides critical educational and social interventions in communities, including Safed, Hatzor Haglilit, Rosh Pina, Tiberias, and Tuba Zangariya.  Our lush fields are planted, cared for, and harvested by our intergenerational farming team, with young people working side-by-side as equals with our adult staff.

Kaima Hukuk grows vegetables without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, providing vegetable baskets to the residents of the area based on the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) platform and to other farms. While there are other CSA farms in our region, none operate with our social and educational mission.

The farm is located on the grounds of Kibbutz Hukuk, nestled slightly above the beautiful cliff of Nahal Amud, surrounded by nature reserves.  On Shabbat and holidays the area is crowded with hikers.  But for the residents of the area, including many teens, life is not as simple. There are fewer public resources and job opportunities in our economically sleepy region compared with the center of Israel. This scarcity leaves many young people at risk of exploitation, abuse, and other challenges.

The farm seeks to be, among other things, a safe, stable, respectful, and fair workplace that prepares young people for adulthood, while helping them heal from past trauma; interact in positive ways with adults; and believe in themselves.

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