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Thank you for for supporting our important work!


Donations from Israel

You can donate once / monthly

You can donate via Credit card or BIT app


Made out to:

Hukuk Farm

PO box 151 - Zip 1232300

Kibutz Hukuk

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Kaima Hukuk Farm
Bank Name: Bank Leumy
Bank #: 10
Branch Name: Rosh Pina 
Branch #: 727
Account #:  156300/67

IBAN: IL480107270000015630067

If you donate through bank transfer, please notify us by email, indicating your full name, email address, and date of transfer.

Kaima Hukuk supports its efforts based on a three-pronged financial model with revenue derived from:

1. Agricultural sales generated at appreciable levels to the public and other farmers.

2. Support from government partners

3. Limited philanthropy.

Thank you in advance for supporting our work.

USD Donation

Donations Via The Good People Fund

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