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Work in the wonderful nature

Along the way...

The farm was created and is nurtured by our many partners, each of whom has contributed something unique. This includes our young farmers, volunteers, customers, adult team, financial supporters, and visitors. Everyone who planted a seedling, plucked a weed, ordered one of our veggie baskets, contributed funds to our work, or stood in our fields and admired the natural beauty that surrounds the farm is part of our story.

Along the way, we have also encountered quite a few wonderful people, established business ties to the community, and partnered with other impactful educational NGOs. We make particular mention of Amutat Kaima, whose support and guidance are key to our outreach. Note: Kaima Hukuk is the second farm operating in the Kaima alternative educational farming network.

Kaima Partners

לוגו נהלל עם אנגלית שקוף PNG.png
לוגו קיימא טנזניה.PNG

Organizational Partners

חוות יש מאין
לוגו האגודה להתנדבות

Philanthropic Partners (current and former)

לוגו קרן גוד פיפל
לוגו קרן גלילה
לוגו קרן אריסון

Pro bono Partners

לוגו צמח מפעלים
לוגו ניר דניאל שילוט
לוגו נטפים
לוגו ירוק בכפר
לוגו בידיים

Special Thanks to Kibbutz Hukuk

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