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שדה קייל

Kaima Hukuk Loves Visitors


Who is invited?  Everyone can come, regardless of age or farming experience!  We welcome individuals, families, professional groups, non-profit organizations, educators, the business community, and others to visit the farm, volunteer, sample our harvest, and join us for a range of eco-educational activities.

Where is the farm?  The farm is located on Kibbutz Hukuk, in Israel’s lower Galilee, and overlooks Lake Kinneret and the Amud Valley.

What will I do on the farm?  There are many ways to experience and enjoy the farm.  Activities may last for an hour to a full day:

  • Nice to Meet You: This includes a tour of the farm’s fields with our farming team and a conversation about Kaima's agricultural educational model.

  • Farm-to-Fork:  This includes a tour and conversation, as well as picking fresh vegetables from our fields. Depending on how much time you have, this may involve preparing and enjoying a nutritious meal together with the farm team.

  • Lend a Hand: This includes a conversation about the farm's work and a few hours to a full day of volunteering in our fields, alongside our multi-generational staff.

  • Open Space:  Looking for a unique meet-up venue? Consider our farm for independent activities such as family gatherings and celebrations, professional workshops and seminars, corporate events, etc.).

If you would like to do something unique, let us know. We just want to share our beautiful space with others.  Contact us today about planning your next Kaima Hukuk experience by email or by phone +972-58-7132016.

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