Kaima Hukuk in a Nutshell

Situated in Israel’s Northern region, just above the Sea of Galilee, Kaima Hukuk is a non-profit organic farm that employs and empowers Israeli youth (ages 14-18) who have dropped out of school or are on the cusp of doing so. 

Our yield, grown and harvested by Kaima youth, is sold to the general public through the internationally recognized CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) platform which guarantees an income stream derived through farm membership.  

Kaima’s “employment as education” model -- developed by Amutat Kaima at our mother farm located in Beit Zayit -- is based on social business practices in which all profits are reinvested into the enterprise. Kaima efforts create local jobs, bring people together in common purpose, and pump educational resources into the community. We are the third farm in this growing national movement. 

The English Site is currently under construction. Meanwhile, you may find more information about our farm here and more about the Kaima model here.